What We Provide
An At-Home Gut Health Testing Kit
We run a DNA analysis on all of the good and bad bacteria living in your gut. These bacteria give insight into your current health and diet to recommend the best foods for your specific body!
A Report With The Best And Worst Foods For Your Body
Everyone has a different body, a different gut, and most importantly, different bacteria! Find out which foods you should eat more of and which foods you should eat less of.
Health Scores Of Your Body
Your Gut is the center of your body. Based on the kinds of bacteria living inside your gut, our DNA analysis can tell you multiple health metrics of your current health.
Your Gut Is Very Important For Your Entire Health
Your Gut Health Affects:
Your Energy Levels
Your Overall Health
Your Weight Loss
Your Brain Health And Mental Clarity
Your Immune Health
Your Food Ratings Are Easy To Understand
Each food is given a letter grade for your specific body. We use your Gut Health Test Results to determine what your body needs and which foods would give you the most benefit.

Explanation videos are included in your report to go over each of these ratings in more detail.
Receive Over 140 Foods Rated For Your Specific Body
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Receive Health Scores You Can Track Over Time
Your Gut Health Is Alive
Your gut is the center of your body. It's job is to give your body energy through breaking down the foods you eat. If the foods you eat change, so does your Gut Health!

More suprisingly, your Gut Health also has a lot to do with your lifestyle, age, and activities! For example, people who exercise have a different gut makeup then people who don't.

Since the gut is the center of your body, it contains a lot of information on how your entire health is doing. Use your Gut Health as a guide to track your health as it changes over time!
Customer Reviews
Shanna A.
It was really interesting that the gut health test picked up my high levels of inflammation! I've been following the food recommendations for over a month and I've noticed reduced swelling and more energy. I'm excited to test again to see my improvement and get updated results!
August 13, 2019
Kalley T.
My kit arrived within a few days of ordering and the customer service was incredible! It was great being able to review my results with one of the computer scientists behind the test!
July 1, 2019
Gideon W.
It was cool to see that the health scores in my report matched what I was thinking. The one thing that was a bit surprising was that my levels of immunity protection which were a lot lower than I thought. I'm going to continue with the food recommendations and test again to see if I succeeded in changing my levels of bad bacteria.
August 13, 2019
Michelle M.
SUPER INFORMATIVE GUT TEST! I wanted to take the test to find out how I could improve my overall health and increase my energy levels. I've been following the recommendations in the report really closely and I've noticed a huge difference! Will definitely be retesting next quarter to see the improvement I've made in my gut and get my updated foods list!
August 13, 2019