"All Diseases Begin In The Gut" - Hippocrates

Gut Health 101
The gut is the center of your body and everyone has a different gut. It's constantly communicating with your brain, nervous system, immune system, and the rest of your body. Why? Well, it has to work with your brain to control things like your hunger, your immune response, and so much more!

Heard Of Probiotics?
Probiotics are supposed to be good for your overall health by helping your gut health. It's the same reason why people say yogurt is good for your health. And sometimes they are! But what are they really? Well, probiotics are supposed to be good bacteria that improve your health. That's right! Not all bacteria are bad!

These bacteria are supposed to help with things like digestion, acne, depression, and have even been to linked to helping the symptoms of several diseases. The scientific term for all the bacteria in your gut is called: The Microbiome
The Microbiome
The Microbiome is the study of all the good and bad kinds of bacteria in your body. You actually have bacteria in every organ of your body: on your skin, in your gut, even in your brain!

It wasn't that long ago that a lot of doctors and scientists thought all bacteria were bad. If someone said the word bacteria, you'd immediately think of disinfecting with hand-sanitizer.

Now we know that we need bacteria to keep us healthy. The good bacteria on our skin protect our bodies from harmful bacteria in our environment. The good bacteria in our gut help us break down our foods and also protect us from bad bacteria.

The Microbiome is one of the hottest research areas in science and medicine. Stay tuned to find out more!
What Are Prebiotics?
You can actually feed the bacteria in your gut. Some of the foods you eat are actually food for different kinds of bacteria that live in your digestive system.

Prebiotic foods are typically high in fiber. The high-fiber prebiotic foods are broken down by the fiber-eating bacteria in your gut. Typically, these fiber-eating bacteria are great for your overall health.